To be honest, I've never been one to dive head-first into Halloween. But this year, my friend Hil suggested I be a peacock and the idea of mixing my favorite blues and playing with crazy makeup got my mind going and BAM... I became a peacock! (with a bunch of help from the talented miss Jeannie Vincent that is!)



jeannie's slew of supplies:

the whole outfit:

electric blue dress by cynthia vincent
gold pumps by steve madden
black sequin belt by h+m (hold up the tail)
felt tail, choker, and plume headband by yours truly (approx $13)

super sidenote:

ALL of that makeup and glitter came off in one wash with Soy Face Cleanser by Fresh.
I love this product so much that I stocked up on 6+ bottles before I quit Fresh!


WhitePepper said...

Girl, your eyebrow is PERFECT!

Vic said...

those lashes!!!! I'm in love.

Keyse said...

you looked so awesome! I love it.

...love Maegan said...

amazing. love love love it!!!

Chip Sutton said...

I love the peacock look. Great idea Jess. You look terrific. Love you. Did my photos inspire you...maybe a little? Dad