getting to the point...

I FINALLY took some pictures of our new Fort Point studio yesterday!

Jen and I moved in back in September and between both our schedules, the process of setting up is taking a while. So it's a work in progress - we still need a rug, curtains and desperately have to hang up all of Jen's gorgeous prints... But enjoy!

Welcome to our new studio! JHill Design on the right, Jessica Sutton Graphic Design on the left :)

a cozy little corner for reading, sipping tea, greeting clients...
I got the couch, desk, coffee table and chair (cropped out on the left) on Craigslist - all via Crocodile Tears!! I recovered the chair with Amy Butler fabric. The vintage desk lamp was my grandfather's.

all the ceiling lights, shelves, storage boxes and blanket are from IKEA...

This space heater was my grandfather's...
Amy Butler fabric on the windows (for now) and striped IKEA fabric hides shelves for storage..

Intern station on the left, my station on the right... desks are Melltorp dining tables from IKEA.
Both chairs were bought from Craigslist (white is West Elm, black is Knoll), the cart is a vintage folding medial cart (circa 1970), all found on Crocodile Tears!

grabbed this wireform when Parlor was closing for $10!

the lovely miss Jen Hill!

I found this old sewing table in the trash!! Just put our coffee machine on it today (not pictured)...

Our little mascot, mr. Oscar... :)

To see more, you can check out our photostream.

The lovely miss Keyse also featured us on her blog here!


punky said...

I love it! I would never leave.

jeannie said...

looks amazing jess! what a great space! can't wait to come visit :)

Anonymous said...

hey Jessica
this is soona.
your new place looks awesome!

miss you xoxo

amie said...