new (brahmin) around here...

Hi there! I'm Liana from New Brahmin. I met Jess through my co-conspirator and NB's beauty pro, Jeannie Vincent and it's been love ever since. I'm stoked to be guest blogging while Jess works on her switch stance (my dad was a pro-am surfer in the late 60's, although I'm a disappointment to the family name), her marichyasana (I'm more of a pilates person myself) and her tan (I'm possibly the whitest girl you know).

I also moonlight as contributing stylist and writer at Stuff Magazine and co-mentor of the fashion studio at Artists For Humanity. I love links, inappropriate behavior, dance parties, mac n' cheese, Fort Point, street art and could talk about fashion til your ears bleed. I'm also getting braces in two weeks for the first time. For lack of a better way to end my introduction to you, I leave you with a quote from recently deceased writer, John Updike:

"Inspiration arrives as a packet of material to be delivered."

I hope I'm able to deliver you some lovely packets while I'm here and breathe some form of inspiration, whether fashion or otherwise, into your day.


Jessica Sutton said...

gosh i love you...

Anonymous said...

verrrrrrry nice

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