but i love them...

by Sandra Lane

via but what ever will the neighbors think

I never thought I'd hear myself say this but... I think I have enough shoes.

There are as many shoe boxes stuffed into my small closet as it will allow, a stack outside of my closet, a pile in our mudroom, and a few stacks in our storage space, above Dave's closet, in the living room (yes, his closet is in the living room)... ok ok, some may say that's not enough but rather too many.

But alas, I always want more.


chloe said...

ha, tell me about it! in the space of 2 days this week i bought two new pairs!
my boyfriend is just as bad though, im sure he has at least as many as me, if not more! i must do a count and see who wins.
perhaps a future post!?

Jessica Sutton said...

Oh Chloe, I wish my boyfriend had that problem! Getting him to buy a nice pair of black shoes for a wedding was like bringing a kid to the dentist... Def do a post!