chan luu...

I first spotted one of Chan Luu's wrap bracelets on one of my favorite yoga teachers, Joy, during my most recent trip to Costa Rica. She was passing me a plate at dinner and I couldn't contain myself from letting out a very audible gasp "ohmygodiloveyourbraceletwherisitfrom?!!"... She immediately unwrapped the luscious leather and silver piece from her wrist and handed it to me. It was lust at first sight.

What I wasn't expecting was the weight of it - heavy enough to make it feel uber-luxe -
a far cry from your typical light h&m fare. Another bonus is that the 10-wrap version Joy was sporting could be worn as a necklace or belt.

I'm obssessed (clearly as I never usually write more than a sentence in my posts!) and am putting in a formal request to my family/dave/friends for the gray leather/gold vermeil combo for christmas this year... someone... please... sigh.


SK said...

I saw something REALLY similar to these bracelets at Club Monaco. They were hanging by the register. I remember when I saw the retail price I was pretty surprised (but then again it is club mo). I'm sure they weren't of the same caliber as the ones in this post - but just thought I'd share!!

by JOS said...

so cute! i need!

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