Sorry for the lack of posts this week - things have been insanely busy and I've got to fly down to Florida tomorrow to be with my mom as she undergoes heart surgery. Thank you all for your prayers and/or positive energy :)

While I'm away, I've got a slew of guest bloggers lined up - some familiar, some shiny and new - so as always, please be sure to welcome them with lots of love and comments!

on the lineup:
Vic of The Sak and Elliot Luca
Amie of F-Stop Photography
Keyse of Crocodile Tears
Nilda of Parlor and Phi Design Group
Jessie of Tea Party Boston
Nikkii of Onions and Garlic


photo by .Bambo.

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Lauren said...

My thoughts are with your mom and family. Hope you get a sec to relax and enjoy the sunshine state.