I've long had the itch to get another tattoo - especially seeing as how the one I already have is in an indiscreet place and was born as a form of rebellion on a rather lame trip to Hawaii when I was 18... Alas, the one I dream of still hasn't happened since a) it will cost a lot, b) it will take forever and c) I can't take the time to make a 2-minute call to book an appointment (aka I'm lazy)...

ANYWAYS, I came across Kristina Collantes's Portfolio on Behance last night and after purusing her lovely patterns and impressive posters, I saw her dope (yes I just said dope) tattoo gallery and, well, I had to share.... drool.

What's the dream tattoo I've been dilly-dallying on you ask? Well, once I finally get it, I'll post it on here and you can see for yourself ;)


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adwoa said...

hey, long time no talk - i haven't been to your blog in ages but i'm catching up now and it seems like every image is more stunning than the last!

do you know of any good tattoo parlors in boston? i, too, have been procrastinating on a big tattoo forever (like for five years now), and i want to commit before the end of this year. a friend recommended fat rams in jp, but the style i'm looking for is something more delicate and ornate, like these pieces. let me know, and thanks!