on the block...

Breathtaking art with it's own place in history, tinged with melancholy...

This weekend brought the public viewing of items going up for auction at Christie's from the great Yves St Laurent, and his partner, Pierre Berge's private collection at the Grand Palais in Paris. The two were collectors of Mondrian, Picasso and Goya to name a few, and diligently accumulated incredible furniture and objects over the past 40 years.

Over 30,000 people came to admire, but only the highest echelons of the art world will actually be able to afford a piece of YSL. The collection is estimated to warrant about $400 million for 773 lots, which has been severely downgraded due to the fragile state of the fine art market. To only be a bidder on a beautiful piece with some history behind it.

Images from T Magazine and The Moment via the NY Times

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