buenas noches...

Hello there, kiddies! I'm coming to you from heaven on earth Costa Rica! I'm about to head to bed (yes at 10:30pm!) but wanted to check in...

First of all, I absolutely loved coming on here to see all the wonderful guest-posts! Let's pause give these ladies a round of applause, shall we?

:) :) :)

The last 24 hours have been nothing short of awesome... I had a chance encounter with some howler monkeys on the drive from the airport and the driver let me out to snap some pics:

There is simply too much to fill you in on. My first surfing lesson was awesome and I have a million bruises on my knees! And the yoga - well - I've never in my life practiced in an open-air studio like this! The entire front of the studio is open to the jungle... it's beyond ridiculous. The two hour (gah) class magically flew by too!

Harmony Hotel is simply beautiful, entirely eco-friendly and has amenities I never even knew I could want... like my own private outdoor shower and hammock!

So my whole goal for this trip is to de-stress and I think it's working
so far (?) - although I find myself stressing about de-stressing (meh, I clearly need help). Hopefully I'll find more of the anti-anxiety medication I so badly need on the waves or in savasana. Either way, I've got a big, tan smile on my face :)

On that note, I'll leave you with some pics of tonight's sunset... check out those waves!!!

Hasta luego!



Keyse said...

! amazing pictures. I knew you just couldn't stay away :) xoxoxo

Amie F said...

so incredibly jealous... but also so glad you're enjoying it!! but then again - how could you not? :-) can't wait for more pics!

Anonymous said...

Love your spanish, Good job! :-)lovely pictures, reminds me so much of my country. DIVIERTETE MUCHO!!!

Your Girlfriend is Ugly said...

OMG looks amazing! Glad you're having such a great time Jess.

Liana said...

it's like a dream

Liana said...

it's like a dream