sounds so sweet...

Japanese jewelry designer, Sakurako Shimizu's Waveform series is beyond cool.

yawn brooch

giggle necklace

churchbell cuff

I Do rings

The image of the sound of a person's voice (waveform) is laser-cut in metal which is WAY more original that your typical engraving!! Love it.


Juxtaposition Design said...

These are soo cool!
I wonder if you can get them customized...like it would be sweet for an engagement ring to have the "i love you" wave of your fiances actual voice

Jessica Sutton said...

You can! I think you can contact the designer through the link I posted :)

vic said...

This reminds me of a friends tattoo - his girlfriend asked him to marry her over the phone(he didnt pick up so she left a message) - he got the message turned into this wave format and then tattooed on his arm! They ahve been married 5 years now, so cute!

jeannie said...

this is totally the coolest thing ever (so agree all the people i forwarded it to).