wow, I just realized this will be my 200th post!

by jlkdesign

Now, I've tried to keep this blog free of controversial topics but on the eve of such a HUGE election, I can't help but post a little something in hopes of swaying those few remaining undecided readers...

Obama is a good man that is calm under pressure, inspiring, smart, has hope, promises change, values family.... and in my book, there is NO QUESTION that he's the right person to get our country back on track. So, vote smart tomorrow!

It might sound bold but really, our future depends on it.

that's all :)


Leigh said...

Thank you Jessica:)

And I 100% agree with you..

dave said...

I think the last eight years have truly shown the impact that votes make.

Be sure to ROCK THE VOTE!!!

That Girl Designs said...

Thanks so much for posting this. I think I may hold by breath until tomorrow night!

Keyse said...

I love controversial things because it's usually related to important aspects of our lives. The personal is political after all and as design/artists/pop culture consumers we need to be aware of the political atmosphere so we can keep pushing boundaries and expressing ourselves to the fullest. SO good for you lady! I am glad you posted this and I am loving you a little bit extra right now ;)