Yesterday, miss Keyse and I tooled around Boston's Jamaica Plain, poking into stores and "not buying anything". She kept telling me about this amazing hat store that I would DIE over and boy was she right...

Salmagundi is by-far a true gem. Styled beautifully, every nook and cranny holds stunningly-hip hats and accessories that will make anyone drool. The super-friendly husband and wife owners not only make you feel at home but make you never want to live life sans-hat again. It took all my willpower to walk away without a purchase.

Check Salmagundi out at 765 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain.

me looking lumpy
with my hand in my pocket!

lovely miss Keyse!


sorry for the blurry pics!

Ooooh I did end up buying something though...

a cute little cocktail set at Boomerangs for a whopping $7!!

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Keyse said...

yesterday was so fun! thanks for coming to jp and not buying...hehehe