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For some time now, I've been searching for some not-too-feminine curtains for the bedroom, as well as a colorful-but-not-cheesy shower curtain... While I've fallen in love with some, none quite fit the bill until I stumbled upon Saffron Marigold's etsy shop.

Each piece is hand printed using intricately carved wooden blocks in India. They support fair trade and artisans that are passionate about their craft. And, I must say, are quite lovely :)

Memories of Shalimar sheer, tie-tab curtains

Spice Route shower curtain

The only down-side is the shipping time-line as they're coming from India - 2 to 3 weeks...! I'm such an instant-gratification-girl, it's gonna be tough to sit and wait!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed the (finally) lovely weather!!

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Keyse said...

I need to buy thermal curtains for my apartment this winter...not excited by my choices but I need to stay warm. Oi, these are purty!