all mine...

what's the one thing a kid wants to do when told they can't eat candy?

I was bad today and am hoping dave won't read this.

See by Chloe Bib Front Blouse.

It might be a little plain but it was a "wardrobe-staple" love at first sight.

God bless Gilt Group. This was my first purchase through them so I think that means Jackie (who invited me) gets $25? If you wanna join, send me your info and I'll send you an invite (hope I don't get kicked out or something for posting this!!). It's an awesome site but you have to act fast since things sell out like whoa. The deals, however, are unbeatable.



Jeannie said...

omg--that site would be trouble with a capital T.

ps--a blog you might like [if you don't already]: http://brocadedesignetc.blogspot.com/

i really like brocade home and i enjoy a blog post or two from them every now and again


Tallaclassy said...

I am interested in the Gilt club membership, my email is brookeferrell@gmail.com. Please let me know how to become a member!
Thanks and I love your site!